Western Fair Association is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for all stakeholders including our clients/customers, employees, job applicants, suppliers, and any visitors who may enter our premises, access our information, or use our services. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), and its associated standards and regulations. 


Western Fair Association understands that we have a responsibility to ensure a safe, dignified, and welcoming environment for everyone. We are committed to ensuring our organization's compliance by incorporating accessibility legislation into our policies, procedures, equipment requirements, training, and best practices. We will review these policies and practices annually, as organizational changes occur, or in anticipation of compliance deadlines. In addition, we will strive to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in a timely and effective manner. 



This accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that Western Fair Association will put in place to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. 


Western Fair Association is subject to AODA legislation which has been developed with the goal of improving accessibility for people with disabilities.  Western Fair Association supports this effort by being in compliance with customer service accessibility standards. 

Purpose and Scope 

Western Fair Association (WFD) strives at all times to provide goods and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.  WFD is also committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities receive accessible goods and services of the same quality that others receive. This plan is intended to meet current legislative requirements and applies to the provision of goods and services, not to the goods themselves.  


Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that:  

  • Goods and services are provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities; 

  • The goods and services provided to persons with disabilities are integrated with the provision to others unless an alternate measure is necessary to allow a person with a disability to benefit from the goods and services. The alternate measure may be temporary or permanent; 

  • Communication with a person with a disability is conducted in a manner that takes into account their disability; 

  • People with disabilities may use assistive devices, service animals and support persons as is necessary to access WFD goods and services. If a service animal is excluded by law from a premise, other measures will be made available for the person with a disability to access the goods or services. 


Our Mission 

The Western Fair Association is an Agricultural society that, through its people, activities and facilities, excels in creating unique experiences that fulfill the evolving entertainment / recreational and educational interests of our customers. 

Our Commitment 

We are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. 


Accessible Emergency Information 

Western Fair Association is committed to providing our customers with publicly available emergency information in an accessible way upon request. We will also provide employees with disabilities with individualized emergency response information when necessary or upon request. 



Western Fair Association will provide training to employees and volunteers, to whom this policy applies regarding Ontario’s accessibility laws. Training will be provided in a way that best suits the duties of employees and volunteers.  


Western Fair Association will take the following steps to ensure employees are provided with the training needed to meet Ontario’s accessible laws:  


  • Communicate the purpose of the law. 

  • How to interact and communicate with people, with various types of disabilities.  

  • What to do if a person with a disability is having difficulty accessing WFD goods and services.  

  • Staff training will be updated as changes are made to the AODA. 


Information and communications 

Western Fair Association is committed to meeting the communication needs of people with disabilities.  




Western Fair Association will ensure employees consider the needs of people with disabilities when designing, procuring or acquiring self-service kiosks by January 1, 2014. 





Western Fair Association will take the following steps to make all new websites and content on those sites conform to WCAG 2.0, Level A by January 1, 2014: 


  • Corporate Website will be WCAG 2.0, Level A compliant by June 30, 2015. 

  • As of June 2015 those using assistive technologies to browse our website will be able to properly access our online content.  


Western Fair Association will take the following steps to make our website and content conform to WCAG 2.0, Level AA by January 1, 2021: 

• Website upgrades to meet WCAG 2.0, Level AA compliance. 

Feedback process 

Western Fair Association will take the following steps to ensure existing feedback processes are accessible to people with disabilities upon request  


  • WFD shall provide customers with the opportunity to provide feedback on the service provided to customers with disabilities through feedback cards, verbally (in person or by phone) or written (hand-written, delivered, website or email).  Customer Experience Desks are available in the Administration Building, Grandstand Building, Sports Centre Building and at temporary guest service locations at consumer and trade shows.  


Customers can submit feedback to:  


Customer Experience  

519-438-7203 ext. 0 

316 Rectory Street  

London ON  N5W 3V9   

cexperience [at] (cexperience[at]westernfairAssociation[dot]com)  


Publicly available information 


Western Fair Association will take the following steps to make sure all publicly available information is made accessible upon request by January 1, 2016: 

  • Hard-copy 

  • Large print 

  • Email pdf version 


Western Fair Association will take the following steps to prevent and remove other accessibility barriers identified: 


Western Fair Association has completed a facility audit.  We will execute this audit through: 

  1. Annual reoccurring capital expenditure plan. 

  1. Through the master site plan.   


Design of Public Spaces 


Western Fair Association will meet the Accessibility Standards for the Design of Public Spaces when building or making major modifications to public spaces.  


Western Fair Association will put the following procedures in place to prevent service disruptions to the accessible parts of its public spaces. 

Notice of Temporary Disruptions 

In the event of a service disruption, we will notify the public of the service disruption and alternatives available. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, the anticipated duration and a description of alternate facilities or services, if available.   

The notice will be placed on all public entrances, customer experience counters and WFD social