About Western Fair District Membership

Western Fair Association members are the root and foundation of who we are and what we do. Our membership helps ensure our organization continues to be respected as a community-based organization that exists because of the community and for the community.

We welcome interest from agricultural organizations, community organizations, and individuals who are actively engaged in their efforts to make the communities we serve a better place to work, learn, live and play. Combining our efforts to carry out our similar goals and objectives will result in strong and vibrant communities throughout the region. 

The Value of Membership

Participation with one of the region’s most dynamic and diverse organizations provides the opportunity to be involved with others who appreciate the responsibility the Association has to the greater community. The opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, experience, and strengths, with other like-minded individuals, for the greater good of the community and region provides invaluable rewards.

Members will also learn and grow from involvement with the Association. Understanding the complexities and diversities of the efforts of the Association, to be able to provide our region with a multi-faceted agriculture, entertainment, educational, sports and gaming destination will result in helping us all to accomplish our mutual objectives.

The Role of the Member

Western Fair members represent the interests of agricultural and community organizations they belong to, or, are individuals who have an interest in the activities of the Association.  Members voluntarily contribute their time, experience and expertise in a variety of ways. Participating in committee discussions providing input on the organization's planning of shows and events, the annual fair and other opportunities we may want to pursue. Members are also a conduit between the organizations they represent by reporting to these groups our activities our mutual interests

Members are the stakeholders of our organization. Members determine who will be elected to the governing bodies that oversee the entire organization. Members may also wish to seek a leading role in the governance of the organization and play a vital role in our success. Our members are the eyes and ears of the community – members bring the community to us so that we can better serve the community.

If your organization is interested in playing a role and looking for more detailed information, please click the link below and complete the Membership Contact Information Form and a representative from WFD will contact you within five (5) business days.

Membership Contact Information Form